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Does your e-bike feel tired and can’t reach the destinations you once enjoyed? Do you wish your e-bike came with a longer range from the factory for those extended adventures? Does your battery not power on at all? No worries! EBIKE Battery Repair Service has got your back. Our battery rebuild service will bring new life to your e-bike and is cost efficient. Send your tired or defective battery to us and we will take care of the rest.

Need to replace an electric bike battery for a discontinued model or a company that is out of business? Is your battery no longer covered under warranty and needs some maintenance? Send all your old e-bike batteries to our location and we can make them work like the first day you purchased them. Upgrading is our specialty. We can often fit in higher energy batteries to give your pack more range so you can ride longer distances. The process is simple. Send your battery and charger to us, we will replace all the lithium cells with new cells, test, and return to you. Your new rebuilt battery comes with a one year warranty but, if taken care of, will last 3-5 years.

What is an E-bike battery rebuild?

  • On average, a bicycle battery is used up after 3-5 years
  • During a rebuild, all the worn cells are removed from the housing of your old battery
  • Completely new premium brand energy cells are welded back in your electric bicycle battery
  • The parts that are still good are reused, which saves you money

Why rebuild my bicycle battery?

  • Trying to find a replacement is no longer necessary: you save and your own battery can be better then new
  • You choose the capacity of the new battery and determine the range yourself
  • Just like with a new e-bike battery, you receive a 12-month warranty
  • By reusing good parts, rebuilding is much less harmful to the environment

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